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21 Oct 2013

Wally was kind enough to send us a summarized description the questions and requests from our September User Group meeting. The following is the summarized list:

 Wally submitted the following Design Change Requests based on some of our feedback and questions:

  • Want to run a VB script as the logged on user with elevated rights
  • Want to be able to perform a restore from SQL Standard to SQL Enterprise
  • Want to be able to unapprove approved software (for example if the user moves to a different department so no longer needs the software)
  • Want more real-time actions, such as to initiate hardware inventory
  • Want a designator for the type of maintenance window when you view the maintenance windows on a collection
  • Want us to automatically redistribute targeted content if removed from a DP that is in a DP group with the content targeted to the group
  • Want to be able to control installation order of dependencies for a deployment type
  • What does a hoster do when they have more than 10 untrusted forests for their clients they host Configuration Manager solutions for in Configuration Manager 2012? We can only have 10 MPs total, and 8 SUPs. *** Currently we have no solution for this, other than separate primary sites (no hierarchy however given no trusts), or to establish one way trusts to allow clients to be supported over the trust. But I filed it as a DCR also.
  • Want us to add a collection column display for the primary user(s) of systems, or show primary devices for a user. This would help the help desk to find the system to query properties of when a user calls. I showed him how to find the primary device of a user, but he wanted a column to show it automatically without having to click the Primary Device link. Additionally, maybe even show “Currently logged on user” on a computer, as the user may not be at their primary computer.
  • Want some guidance/best practices, for smaller environments. Something like how to tune for smaller environments, such as maintenance task frequency, inventory schedules, etc.


Wally answers our Questions:

Options for PowerShell support for Client Notifications

We already have that in ConfigMgr 2012 R2 – Invoke-CMClientNotification


For software distribution, when targeting software to collections based on OUs, how to quickly get Configuration Manager updated when a computer gets moved from one OU to another after an application has been deployed? I’m not sure that Active Directory System Discovery, which collects OU information for clients, removes old OUs on a delta (but believe it may find new ones)

This does happen today with Configuration Manager 2012. When you move a computer between OUs, a USN change event is created, and our delta discovery for AD System Discovery will find that.




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